I wasn’t going to post this image but I found myself coming back to it a bunch of times… kinda dig it.

My buddy Seth can explain a little more about this incredible bottle of wine – Abacus – quickly it’s a very special bottling by ZD Winery – Seth is buds with the winemaker – and it was one of my favorite vineyards when I visited Napa in 04.

Just a side-note. Thankfully we crushed that bottle. My daughter, Chloe, the following morning took the bar door that pretty much every piece of glass you see here (blurred and not blurred) was sitting on – and kicked it forward… sliding everything to the floor (including my beautiful scotch decanter filled with beautiful Macallan 18) – a sick bottle of tequila behind it, a few wine decanters, etc. Thankfully she didn’t have a scratch but needless to say, everything you see here is gone forever.

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August 15, 2012 - 2:13 pm

admin - Nobody has a better eye for catching the greatest details in photography than Stevie Bealy. We crushed this bottle this past Saturday night – ’99 ZD Abacus which is produced by head winemaker and old high school classmate Chris Pisani in the Napa Valley. Abacus is the quintessential Cab. ZD takes the highest quality vintage from each years bottling at the vineyard and they keeps adding to the previous years blends creating a very rare and exceptional effort in 100% Cabernet Savignon. Production is limited and thus more expensive but a very good treat. I’m hoping for a sneak peak at the more recent vintages this Saturday when I visit Christ. If not, their regular bottlings are amazing too! Great shot kid.

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